There are a lot of companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups around the world need extra help. In Callnovo outsourcing call center company, we provide a professional service known as the Philippines English Virtual Assistant (VA).

Philippines English Virtual Assistant(VA) is a staff with Callnovo sitting in Philippines who manages your routine personal and business tasks, usually online or through electronic communications with you, your end-customers and your associates. All over the world, tons of businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups are in need of extra help. At Callnovo, we provide a type of professional service that is called Philippines Virtual Assistant (VA). The tasks vary in complexity and skill-sets needed, but what they have in common is that they don’t have to be performed on site at the client business premises.

Depending on the virtual assistant’s skills and interests, among the services, she or he may
offer are

  • Telephone Answering
  • Lead Generation
  • EBay and Amazon Assistance
  • Publishing E-newsletters
  • Transcription
  • Returning Emails/Calls
  • Product Research
  • Sales and Order Management
  • Planning Events
  • Translation
  • Live Web Chat
  • Data Entry Work
  • Real Estate Service
  • Creating Presentations
  • Blogging
  • Market Research
  • Basic Bookkeeping / Accounting / QuickBooks
  • General Admin Tasks / Personal Tasks
  • Internet Marketing and Social Media Maintenance

Your business is growing up and you have lots of existing and upcoming English speaking customers from US, Canada, Australia or Europe. You really want to focus on your core tasks. Why not hire an offshore dedicated Philippines Virtual Assistant? The assistant will be very loyal to the job and work with you for very long term if you want. The assistants are native English speakers with neutral accents. Very importantly, Callnovo has already done comprehensive training to them so they already know how to communicate with western customers without any culture barrier.

Bi-lingual (English and Spanish) Philippines Virtual Assistants are also available in Callnovo call center company. Our Philippines virtual assistants have a firm grasp of English and Spanish and are immersed in the American culture. Under our professional management, we guarantee they have good understanding of the latest language skills, evolving words and expressions in use.

Callnovo Philippines Virtual Assistant is really perfect for you! With this service, you get

  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant answering the phone calls in native English. The assistant will be trained of your product or service so that he or she can talk with the end-customer on behalf of your company professionally. Since the English Virtual Assistant is dedicated to you, we can directly assign tasks at under your management.
  • Advanced Call Center platform. Full function of call center hi-tech, including IVR, Music-on-hold, ACD etc.
  • Recording. You will get all real-time recordings on the cloud for monitoring and training purposes.
  • Conference Call. Our platform also allow you connect into the conversation for multiple-party conference calls.
  • Email. The assistant will handle emails on your behalf.
  • Live Web Chat. The assistant will handle your website live web if it is needed.
  • Social Media Management. The assistant will help you publish blogs or promotional content to Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube at your guidance.
  • Report. You will have access to all the call report in details, such as customer caller ID, call time, talk length, call disposition, call trend, SLA etc.